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We're empowering African businesses with digital solutions that are fast, seamless, and all-encompassing. Our platform is designed to accelerate growth and bring financial aspirations to life, making complex tasks simple and efficient. We're committed to nurturing digital ecosystems across Africa, helping businesses thrive in one integrated platform.

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Our Platform, along with over 25 Third Party Services, simplifies your fintech journey, offering tailored features that support your wallet, for flexibility and scalability. By using no-code tools, we streamline complex processes, enabling you to focus on growing your business and achieving your vision in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

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Aggregated Payments

Introducing Paylink - A seamless, no-code solution to integrate diverse payment channels into your wallet services. We're integrated with over 8 payment gateways in Africa, including M-PESA, allowing you to leverage existing trusted payment processing channels while utilizing our platform's robust wallet management capabilities. Whether it's mobile money, bank transfers, or international gateways, PayLink ensures a unified, smooth experience for your users.

Credit Scoring

Meet Scoreswift - Our no-code credit scoring tool. ScoreSwift provides a seamless gateway to assess the creditworthiness of individuals across Africa. Powered by sophisticated algorithms and local data insights, scoreswift ensures businesses can offer financial products through our digital wallets confidently and responsibly. Streamline lending, reduce risk, and tap into new customer segments with ScoreSwift.

ID Verification

This is VerifyOne - Our no-code ID Verification tool, consolidated in a single API. Seamlessly onboard, authenticate, and verify users from over 25 African countries. Our comprehensive platform ensures you remain compliant while offering a frictionless experience for users. Streamline operations, enhance trust, and drive growth across multiple markets with VerifyOne.

Smart Messaging

Say Hello to OmniReach - Our plug-and-play channel, tailored for the diverse African market, ensures you reach your customers wherever they are. Break the barriers of accessibility with our messaging channels. Whether it's USSD, app, or WhatsApp, we've got you covered. Launch your fintech services across Africa without writing a single line of code. With OmniReach, you're not just deploying a service; you're opening doors of opportunity and inclusivity.

Contactless Payments

Transform your customer's payment experience with our innovative Tap2Pay feature. Seamlessly integrate NFC/RFID/QR-enabled smart cards or wristbands into your wallet system. This integration offers a fast, secure, and contactless payment solution, perfect for a variety of use cases across Africa. Enhance your service with the convenience of Tap2Pay, creating an effortless transaction journey for your customers.

Lending Infrastructure

Explore Lendflow - Our comprehensive lending ecosystem. LendFlow equips businesses with a robust suite of no-code tools to facilitate and manage lending directly to integrated wallets. Our platform simplifies the complexities of loan origination, underwriting, disbursement, and repayment. With advanced analytics and real-time data insights, LendFlow ensures you offer credit products efficiently while maintaining control over risk. Revolutionize your lending strategies, optimize processes, and discover untapped revenue streams with LendFlow.

Go from idea to implementation in minutes

Our documentation, sample data and code snippets provide developers with powerful tools to launch your next innovation.


Ready-to-Use Interfaces

USSD Channel

Deploying a digital virtual wallet? Experience the seamless integration of USSD from Terra. Every account you deploy comes with a ready-to-use, customizable USSD channel, enabling account holders to conveniently manage their accounts, check balances, and request loans with simple dial commands. No coding, no hassle - just a direct line to your customers’ pockets, bridging the digital divide and enhancing accessibility in regions where USSD reigns supreme. Elevate your service, and provide an unmatched user experience.

Web & Mobile App

Our platform's web and app channels have been meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, regardless of the device you choose to use. Whether you're accessing our services from a desktop or on-the-go via our intuitive mobile app, we ensure consistent performance, top-notch security, and an interface that's as pleasing as it is practical.


Dive into the realm of conversational finance with Terra's Chatbank Channel. Each account you deploy isn't just a digital account; it's a gateway to seamless financial management through WhatsApp. Users can effortlessly check balances, request transactions, and even apply for loans, all through intuitive chat prompts. ChatBank transcends traditional finance boundaries, offering real-time, responsive, and accessible financial solutions right at the fingertips of millions using WhatsApp daily. Simplify, communicate, and revolutionize with ChatBank.

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