Bridging Gaps with Fintech in Agritech

In the diverse landscapes of Africa, agriculture is vital, but farmers and communities often grapple with financial challenges. Our fintech solutions seamlessly address these needs, transforming transactions and championing change in agritech.

Digitally Bridging Farmers to Their Produce and Essential Resources

At KTDA, we're ushering in a new era of convenience and transparency for our tea farmers. With our innovative smart cards linked to individual wallets, farmers can now effortlessly identify themselves when delivering their produce at village aggregation centers. But that's not all — these cards also open up the potential for a seamless digital voucher system, allowing farmers to easily access vital inputs. This is more than just an identification tool; it's a step towards digital empowerment for our hardworking farmers.

Farmers Impacted

650 K +

Tea Delivered

50M Tonnes

Fraud Reduced

80 %

How it works
Farmer Onboarding

Farmers are registered in their respective factories as tea farmers.

Farmer Card Is Issued

Farmer is then securely issued with a personalized NFC card.

Ktda Tap
Farmers Tap for Delivery

Farmer can now use their card to securely deliver the tea leaves and get a physical receipt and an SMS confirmation.

Ktda Tap
Secure Farmer Identification

The smart card provides growers with a secure way of storing data, it contains the name of the farmer, the grower’s number, and the center where one delivers their produce.

Automated Receipts

After every tea leaves are weighed and confirmed by the clerk, each farmer gets a printed receipt and SMS confirmation, indicating the weight and invoice value of the tea delivered.

weigh tea
Automated Tea Collection

Upon arrival at the farm, the clerk inspects to check the quality before connecting it to the factory’s electronic weighing system. All farmers thereafter produce their cards which are connected to the weighing scale to capture and store data before it is issued back to the farmer through a printed receipt.

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